Scott "Bratguy"        
Plays: Drums, background and lead vocals, sound technology

Member Since:   1979  (original member)

Influences: Richie Yurkovich, Wally Pietrzen, Try Nelson and about every touring and session drummer I've heard.

Birthplace: La Jolla, California

Home: Venice Beach, California

CB Handle: Huh???

Highest Degree Earned: Completing advanced studies in the area of Ancient Languages

Brush With the Stars:  Drummed for Chuck Berry and Greg Koch.  Worked a show with Little Richard.  Met and visited with Jim Carey during the filming of "Dumb and Dumber".  High-fived Paulie Tuetel Jr. at Miwaukee's Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary bash.

Funniest Band Experience:  Every gig...especially when Bob's effect pedals screw up.

When I'm not living and breathing Whoz Playing? I enjoy: Riding my Harley, watching my kids' activities, and researching more soundgear for Brian to buy for me for me to mess with.

Turn-ons: Too many too list.

Gear: DW Collector's Series Drums and a good assortment of PA Gear.