Rob "The Birdman"

Plays: Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, **NEW - Steel Guitar** and if asked, Saw.

Member of the band since: 1978 - Original member.  We feel so fortunate and blessed to have Rob back with us.
The guy's a national treasure.

Influences: Weber Lightfoot Combo, Duwayne Fait, Jim Cameron - "Hey!".

Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand.

Home: Gnip Gnop Pass, Tennessee.

Family: Have one.

Day Job: Teaching the youth of today, the music of yesterday.

Highest Degree Earned: Master of Stringed Instrumentology.

Brush With the Stars: Got this close to playing onstage with Chuck Berry, toured with Danny Davis and The Nashville Brass, backed up Jerry Van Dyke and Dottie West at the 1979 Central Wisconsin State Fair.

Funniest Whoz Playing? Experience: Every gig at the "Neva Jean" in Marshfield.

When I'm not Living and Breathing Whoz Playing I:   Try and keep track of my 4 boys.

Turn ons:  Numerous.

Gear: Numerous stringed things.