John  "Say it!" Guy
Influences:  The Funk, other Funky stuff & more Funk.

Birthplace: Somewhere on the prairie.  No one seems to know.

Home: Oh Claire!

Family: A Loving, Trusting and Understanding Wife.

Day job: I wish!

CB Handle: Old Yeller

Highest Degree Earned:  Black Belt of Funk.

Brush with the Stars:  Performed with the original Ronald McDonald at Valleyfair in 1998.

Funniest Band Experience: Met a guy claing to be the Son of Christ at a bar in Yankton, South Dakota.  His favorite line was "No muff too tough."

Funniest Whoz Playing? Experience:  So far, everytime we play.

When I'm not living and breathing Whoz Playing? I enjoy: Funk and Fishing.

Turn-ons: Funk, Funky Stuff and other Funky Stuff.

Gear: Plum Fruit Shaker, Pear Fruit Shaker, MasterbuiltRhythm Tech Tambourine, CB Claves, Sugar D Saxophone , brand spanking used Bari Sax...mmmmm...bari sax.