Brian "Guy"        
Sings: Lead and Background vocal; 4th degree high master of the Afuche

Member of the band since....1978 (original member)

Influences: Elvis and the great vocalists from the 50's

Birthplace:  Colorado Springs, Colorado

Home: Las Vegas, NV

Family:  Married with Children

Day Job:  Manager in the Operating Room of St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield, WI

CB Handle: "Schmitty"

Highest Degree Earned: Bachelors in Funkology

Brush with the Stars: Being asked by the owners of the Northway Mall after a gig, to star as an Elvis impersonator at the Palomino Club in Las Vegas.

Funniest Band Experience: Watching Bob load his mammoth Peavey bass amp into the trunk of  his '73 Dodge Polara throughout the 1980's.

When I'm not living/breathing Whoz Playing I...enjoy the rut, hunting with a nice 30-ought fye,  and my kids' sports stuff

Turn ons:  large black PA Heads