Bob "Guyville"
Plays: 4 and 5 string bass guitars, fiddle, keys, accordion, mandolin, auto-harp, background and lead vocals & the drums on "Wipeout" in my dreams.  Subs on bass with the All That Jazz Big Band and the ATJ Jazz Quintet.

Member of the band since 1978 - original member

Influences:  Jaco, Charles "Me-man" Meeks, Freddie Washington, the Weber-Lightfoot Combo and every jazz, country, rock and classical album I ever listened to.

Birthplace:  Sweetsugar Mountain, Tennessee

Home: Gulf Shores, Mississippi (Winter); Moose Fur Hollar, Maine (Summer)

Family: wife, kids and as Guy says, "The freakin wildlife preserve."

Day job: Health care lawyer at the Reinhart law firm in Madison, Wisconsin 

CB Handle:  "Dr. Andante"

Highest Degree Earned:  Juris Doctor of Rock

Brush with the Stars: Marshfield Fair 1979 backing up Dottie West & meeting, rehearsing with, and serving as stage band for Jerry Van Dyke; hailing from the same town as BOYAT; playing a gig on Music Row in Nashville with a showband at Fan Fair in 1988, spoke with then Senator Al Gore, Jr. at a Lavergne, Tennessee town hall meeting, played a couple tunes with former Tonight Show drummer, Ed Shaughnessy, talked to Ricky Skaggs; played with the guys in the Blue Steel Band.

Funniest Whoz Playing Experience: accidentally booking two jobs for one night, then had to split up the band to play both jobs.  With no trailer for our equipment, we hauled our gear to the gig in our singer's fishing boat.  When we got to the gig in Eau Claire, the name of the place was the "Seahorse Inn."   And....of course....everytime we get together and play.....GUYYYYY!

When I'm not living/breathing Whoz Playing I...enjoy the great outdoors, hiking,  keeping the kids in line, attending Badger and Packer games, dinking around on the computer especially Talkbass, photography, amateur astronomy, golfing, and Monday morning quarterbacking the Packers. 

Turn-ons:  Most any stomp box effect or interesting bass, heck even upright.

Gear: Always changing, but (see below):

Rigs: Bergantino AE212, Acme Low B2 Series III, GB Shuttle 9.2, AI Clarus+ and Aguilar TH500 heads,

Effects: only occasionally when the mood strikes, but could be 70s Ibanez Flanger, Zoo Boo Looper.